Who we are? We are Uskills, and Uskills means two things: the "skills of You" and it also means the "University of Skills" for your longlife learning journey.

So, the name says it all. We focus on YOU with practical SKILLS & applied knowledge which you will apply to solve real world problems of your daily works and lives. Uskills leverages innovative technology to provide dynamic, quality training from top instructors in Vietnam and around the world, at affordable price and anytime, anywhere to YOU.

Our mission

The company's mission is to empower people across the country to start and continue the learning journey to develop their full potentials and living their happiest and richest lives.

What motivate us to tackle the existing education system?

When we started the company, we had two goals:
1. Offer an alternative to the expensive and too theoretical knowledge training that was available to us. We strongly believe that helping one person access to a real-world skills (not theoretical) training is meant we are helping that person get an opportunity to improve their work and life.
2. Build a business that could solve some part of the current education problems instead of co-living with them.

In our efforts to fulfill requirement #2, we work with experts and industry professionals and provide them with all the tools they need to create courses online to train individuals across the country, give everyone the opportunity to learn real-world skills for their work and life.

You can explore how Uskills help instructors teach online and earn money by sharing their knowledge & skills to help others here.

Our goal is to make it easier for instructors to teach, and learners to learn anything from top instructors and experts from Vietnam and around the world.
What Uskills brings to learners and Instructors

A new learning world for learners

Learn real-world skills

Learn real-world skills

Learn applied knowledge, practical skills which help you in your daily work and life.
Learn anytime, anywhere

Learn anytime, anywhere

You can learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace and on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
Interactive learning

Interactive learning

Learners and Instructors interact with each other 24/7 via discussion forum and message board.

A new way for instructors to teach, build your brand & earn money.

Nationwide learners

Nationwide learners

Learners are easily access to courses on Uskills, 24/7 regardless where they are, no matter of city or rural area.
New model of income

New model of income

By teaching online with Uskills, your income is sky-limit. Uskills help you generate income even when you are sleeping, provided that your course meet learners' demand.
Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection

Uskills apply multiple approaches and IP security licenses to protect your course content from piracy.
We are hiring
  • Are you a person who see challenges as an opportunities, and always want to explore and develop your full potential?
  • Are you looking for an organization, where every contribution is recognised, your voice is always thoroughly listened to, everything you do will always create benefits for our customers, our organization and for our community? And
  • You really want to do something that 5, years, 10 years later when looking back you will be proud of yourself as you would have meaningful contributions for community and society. And you think you would have not wasted your youth! THEN

Uskills welcome YOU!

Join Uskills, You will learn and grow. You will be challenged, and more important you have opportunities to develop your full potentials.

You also will help millions of people realize their dreams, improve their lives thanks to new way of learning, which help them access to quality training for in-demand job skills.

We think big, and we're looking for team members who think bigger, move faster, and work smarter than a Big Bear :-) to join us.

If the open positions above are not what you are seeking, then please email us at buu.le@uskills.com and tell us why you want to join our team, what can you bring into the team and make valuable contribution. We are eager to meeting with you to explore opportunity of welcoming you on board.

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